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Медицинский компьютер

Сегодня компьютеры в медицине имеют огромное значение. Их можно встретить повсеместно в медицинских учреждениях и это не простая дань моде, компьютеры используемые в медицине весьма многообразны как внешне так и функционально.

Медицинские компьютеры

Advantech is devoted to developing ideal and reliable medical ePlatform for doctors, nurses, and caregivers to access versatile clinical data and information, which is suitable for HIS, PACS, LIS and CIS systems. Our products seek to improve the medical experience during the observation, diagnosis and therapy stages.

    With UL60601-1, EN60601-1 and IEC60601-1 approval, Advantech medical Point-of-Care (POC) terminals are scalable medical computing platforms designed for easy integration with existing and new hospital system configurations. The Intel Pentium processors and high contrast TFT LCDs of the POC series makes them the perfect ...

    Медицинские тонкие терминалы серии POC

    The new generation of slim Point-of-Care (POC) terminals feature 15" or 17" TFT LCDs, fanless Intel Celeron/Pentium M processors, up to 2 GB of SDRAM and wireless LAN options. The quiet, fanless design makes these slim series terminals ideal for tests involving audio measurement. All slim series terminals are ...

    Медицинские широкоформатные терминалы серии POC

    This new wide-screen Point-of-Care (POC) series features high performance in a fanless and slimly-designed unit. This series of point-of-care runs on Intel’s latest processor and chipset but uniquely housed in a slim unit.  POC-W series is highly integrated and provides a rich selection of high speed I/O connectors, ...

    Медицинские дисплеи

    The PDC series are quality medical image displays with high contrast LCD for common medical treatment applications such as endoscope, CT diagosis, X-ray and PCKS. The PDC series are designed with an IPX1 water resistant enclosure with an additional IP65 dust-tight front panel. The PDC series have a DVI port for reduced ...

Однако и цены на подобные компьютерные системы весьма высоки, оправдывают они их надежностью работы и минимальной потребностью в обслуживании и компьютерных ремонтах.

Медицинский компьютер, POC-155 Bare with COMBO/AC input/Res,TS POC-155CB-AC-BTE 2826,11$
POC-176 w/T7400, 2GB, DVD/AC input/Res,TS POC-176-D1A-ATE 3679,83$
Медицинский компьютер POC-196 с ЦП T7400, 2GB, DVD/AC, Glass POC-196-D1A-AE 3896,05$
POC-196 w/T7400, 2GB, DVD/AC input/Res,TS POC-196-D1A-ATE 4210,95$
Медицинский компьютер POC-227 с ЦП T9400, 4GB DVD/AC input/SAW TS POC-227-D1A-ATE 4661,12$
Панельный компьютер POC-227G, ЦП SL9400, ОЗУ 4GB, DVD, питание AC сенсорный экран ПАВ POC-227G-D1A-ATE 4405,58$
Медицинский компьютер POC-227, с ЦП T9400, 4GB, MXM, DVD/AC input/SAW TS POC-227M-D1A-ATE 4984,94$
COMPUTER SYSTEM, POC-C157 w/N270 1,60G /Res,TS/2G DRAM POC-C157-160-ATE 2521,76$
COMPUTER SYSTEM, POC-C177 w/N270 1,60G /Res,TS/2G DRAM POC-C177-160-ATE 2578,56$
COMPUTER SYSTEM, POC-C197 w/N270 1,60G /2G DRAM POC-C197-160-AE 2592,44$
COMPUTER SYSTEM, POC-C197 w/N270 1,60G /Res,TS/2G DRAM POC-C197-160-ATE 2894,89$
COMPUTER SYSTEM, POC-S157 w/SU9300 1,2G /Res,TS/2G DRAM POC-S157-120-ATE 3475,10$
Панельный компьютер для медицинских применений POC-S176 bare w/CoreDuo 1,66G /Res,TS POC-S176-166-ATE 3730,68$
COMPUTER SYSTEM, POC-S177 w/SU9300 1,2G /2G DRAM POC-S177-120-AE 3421,12$
COMPUTER SYSTEM, POC-S177 w/SU9300 1,2G /Res,TS/2G DRAM POC-S177-120-ATE 3702,58$
Медицинский компьютер, 19", IP65, i945GME,CD 1,66 ГГц, 1 Гб SDRAM, резист,сенсорный экран POC-S196-166-ATE 3752,07$
COMPUTER SYSTEM, POC-S197 w/SU9300 1,2G /2G DRAM POC-S197-120-AE 3725,65$
COMPUTER SYSTEM, POC-S197 w/SU9300 1,2G /Res,TS/2G DRAM POC-S197-120-ATE 3847,64$
COMPUTER SYSTEM, POC-S197 w/4 COM /Res,TS/2G DRAM POC-S197-120-BTE 3983,90$
COMPUTER SYSTEM, POC-S197 w/flat bezel//2G DRAM POC-S197-12F-ATE 3896,81$
CIRCUIT BOARD, Smart Card Reader kits for POC-127 POC-SCRK-02E 54,34$
CIRCUIT BOARD, Smart Card Reader kits for POC-125 POC-SCRK-01E 54,34$
BATERRY PACK, Battery Kit for POC-127 POC-127-BA0E 145,15$
ETHERNET DEVICE, Wireless module (802,11a/b/g/n) for POC-W211 POC-W211-WF0E 91,29$
INPUT DEVICE, SMART CARD module for POC-W211 POC-W211-SC0E 27,41$
OPTICAL DRIVER, DVD+/-RW module (LG SLIM 8X SATA) for POC-W211 POC-W211-RW0E 111,23$
RFID EX ANT KIT, RFID module for POC-W211 POC-W211-RF0E 63,34$
COMPUTER SYSTEM, POC-W211 bare w/AMD T56N 1,65G /Res,TS/4G RAM POC-W211-C01D-ATE 2118,69$
BATERRY PACK, Battery module (4200mAh Li-ion battery) POC-W211. POC-W211-BTTE 158,55$
BATERRY PACK, Battery module (4200mAh Li-ion battery) POC-W211 POC-W211-BTTAE 221,25$

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